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Hosting Services • Designer MIA • Troubleshooting

We even make your tech problems Simple

Whether you were abandoned by your previous webmaster/designer or you simply need some technical support, you’re in the right place. Maybe you have questions about your domain name, have no way of accessing your current website host or if none of the technical jargon above makes sense and you just need help, we will have you covered.


Why deal with a seperate host provider? Not only do we believe in keeping it simple for design and development, but we also keep it simple for your hosting needs.
We house our WordPress sites with scalable infrastructure and on a lightning-fast content delivery network. You’re going to love being hosted on our high speed servers.


We have heard it countless times from small business owners. They trusted their neighbor, their friend’s kid, or even a relative who promised they could do it when they had free time. Your website is important and it shouldn’t just be handed off to anyone.

Let us take over where the previous person has failed you. You shouldn’t have to worry about the small things, you have your business to run and didn’t sign up to be your own web designer, that’s why you came here.

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Every business has odds and ends that don’t fit the normal scope of standard services. Have no fear, Pixely Simple would like to hear about those as well. We’ve helped with a variety of different issues ranging from photo editing, illustrating logos, and even computer/phone repairs including data recovery. We might not be able to fix all of your needs, but if we can, we will.


YOUR DESIGNER WENT MIA!? Get Ownership Back!

This might sound silly, but we’ve seen it happen to many different businesses. We know web developers aren’t literally disappearing, but some are leaving their clients high and dry. Some requesting over 50% upfront to start a project then leaving mid-project or a designer creating a site and 6 months later is never to be heard from again while leaving the website crumbling apart.

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Take a deep breath, you’re in the right place! Pixely Simple is here to help. Being burned by a designer/developer can really put a bad taste in your mouth and can be really frustrating. We have a step-by-step plan to help you recover your website and get it on the right path forward with us.


Step 1

Collect all information about your domain and hosting account. These are essential to getting back your website.

Step 2

Reach out to those providers and take ownership. If you don’t already own your domain, we’ll help you take ownership of it.

Step 3

Let us take it from here. With you owning your domain and having access to your hosting, we can now discuss what you are wanting to achieve.



Step 4

We finalize your project scope and sign an official contract. We won’t leave you with just a word-of-mouth promise.

Step 5

Kick back and relax and let us do all the work. Throughout our development process we focus on clear communication as it’s vital to our clients.

Step 6

We launch, we will stay in contact and we work with you to enhance, maintain, and protect your website for years to come.