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MLCR, LLC Branding & Web Design

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MLCR, LLC Branding & Web Design

MLCR, LLC is a locally owned business and operated by Michele and Glenn Richardson. This business started out as dust control, as other opportunities appeared our business has expanded in different avenues that has us providing custom solutions for our customers on a smaller scale.

The Goals

To develop your online presence to assist in increasing the number of leads and obtaining more contracts from clients. PixelySimple focused on the overall branding and web design of the small business of the company with the purpose of gaining more credibility from prospective clients. MLCR, LLC choose PixelySimple for multiple different services including

The Results

A complete company branding strategy with a fully responsive and mobile optimized designed WordPress site where clients main focus is brought right into the different custom service solutions that MLCR, LLC has to offer. As soon as a client launches the site they are immediately informed of the services that are offered, while also putting in the forefront the reliability of the company. Each service has it own descriptive information for the viewer to understand the service offered, but also allows the client to get a quote directly from the site. This quote is sent to the owners where they can have a 1-on-1 conversation. To keep their website up to date, PixelySimple maintains the website security and hosting for MLCR, LLC.

Tech, Web