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Cairn Productions

Tech, Video, Web

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Cairn Productions

Cairn Productions is a locally ran group of professional visual-storytellers that develop emotionally-driven concepts and transform them into thought-provoking motion pictures for any size screen. Founded by Nicholas Young, Cairn Productions brings together artists, writers, performers, and filmmakers that share Young’s passion for storytelling.

The Goals

To design a responsive, professional and welcoming portfolio site that delivered their emotionally-driven live action production on the same level as their work. They wanted to focus on their most recent work, but also allow for their large catalog to be easily viewed. Their main focus was on:

  • Complete Visual Overhaul
  • Prioritize Recent Work
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Easy CMS for content updates


The Results

A full responsive and mobile optimized designed WordPress site where clients main focus is brought straight to their most recent reel. As soon as a client launches the site they immediately are immersed in the breathtaking shots that Cairn Productions is able to develop. With a simple one page design a client is able to navigate multiple different ways, but is always able to get back to the top with a single tap. Each portfolio piece does have its own page for case studies, but this is only accessible if a client directly requests to view more work. The main focus was on the 3 main pieces on the main page. If a client requests to view more work the page automatically loads the next 4. It also allows the user to view the whole portfolio in on a different page. To keep their website up to date, we maintain the website security and hosting for Cairn Productions.

Tech, Video, Web