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We’re a simple-first agency.

PixelySimple LLC is a unique digital design company whose services include developing websites, creating video advertisements, and even offering a bit of tech support.

About Us.

PixelySimple LLC is a Kansas City digital design and technical support agency established by Founder and Lead Design/Developer Richard Thaler in 2019. Richard restarted his freelancing outlook a year after the birth of his daughter, when a few close friends needed help launching their small businesses.

What We Do.

We design, develop and maintain effective digital solutions and technical support for your business needs, big or small, without breaking your budget. We strive to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Kansas City Metro Area by growing client base and ultimately increasing revenue.

How We Do It.

Our process launches by taking all collaborated information from our project discussion and placing it into a defined project plan to lead to a successful deployment. We are precise, time-oriented and committed to keeping our client in the loop. We believe clear communication is vital throughout the developmental process. After launching your project, we will stay in contact and work with you to enhance, maintain, and protect your website.

Why Us?

We keep our process transparent, customer driven, and most of all, simple. At our core we follow the KISS principle: Keep It Super Simple. Unnecessary complexity is avoided, while simplicity is key to our design.